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Professional Tools for Winemakers

From the professional vinologist to the home hobbyist we provide innovative instrumentation for winemakers. The Wine Line product family includes products for the measurement of pH, sulfur dioxide, reducing sugars, yeast assimible nitrogen (YAN), tartrate stability through conductivity, bentonite, and sugar content by refractometery to determine potential alcohol. We offer meters from automated titration systems to specialized pH electrodes made specifically for wine must and juice. Wine Line is completed with a line of maintenance solutions including specialized cleaning, storage and calibration standards.

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Wine Line titration systems include both multi-parameter titration systems and single parameter dedicated mini-titrators.  The mini-titrators offer a convenient way to measure sulfur dioxide, titratable acidity and YAN.  These meters use pre-standardized titrrants allowing the measurment without complicated glassware and an expensive analytical balance needed to make a standard. Many customers realize the return on the investment when comparing to costs by an external lab and the turn around time to get results.

Portable Meters

Wine Line includes portable meters for pH, turbidity (bentonite), reducing sugars, tartaric acid and a variety of digital refractometers. The refractometers can display results are % Brix, °Oe and °KMW sugar analysis in wine, juice, and must. Knowing the sugar content  can provide an estimation of potential alcohol that will be in the final product.

The Wine Line product offering includes portable meters for the measurement of pH. The wine pH meters use a wine-specific pH electrode with a movable sleeve covering the ground glass junction for ease in cleaning any solids that accumulate on the surface.


Wine Line includes our CPS (Clogging Prevention System) technology used with pH measurement. Standard junctions used in testers can be made from cloth, PTFE, or ceramic material. Junctions made with these materials can get clogged by the solids found in wine must resulting in erratic measurements and a loss of accuracy.

We offer testers including a Halo Bluetooth probe that turns your smart device into a high performance pH meter with features found in research grade benchtop meters.

Calibration Solutions

Calibration solutions for Wine Line include the pump calibration standard used with the mini-titrators and pH 3.00 and 8.20 calibration buffers used to calibrate Wine Line pH meters.

All buffers are produced in accordance with ISO 3696/BS3978 standards using high purity salts, deionized water, certified weight-checked balances, and Class A glassware in a temperature controlled environment monitored with certified thermometers.

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions are often overlooked but they are an important part of the measuring system. The sensitive pH glass must be clean for an accurate measurement. A build up on the glass will change the measured potential in the solution. This build up can be hard to discern with the naked eye but has an impact on the measurement. If a probe is calibrated when there is a coating on it and that coating changes iwith use then the calibration is no longer valid and measurements will not be accurate. It is important to  periodically clean the pH electrode to maintain it in the optimal condition. Wine Line includes cleaning solutions that are specific for the removal of wine stains and build up.