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Stirrer Stand for HI902C Titrator - HI900320

The HI900320 is a replacement stirrer stand for Hanna’s HI902C Automatic Titration System.

  • Easy installation
  • Durable construction
  • Strong support bar


The HI900320 stirrer stand is for the HI902C Automatic Titration System.

HI900320 includes the base of the stirrer stand as well as the sturdy support bar and positioning collar. The HI900301 is the overhead stirrer assembly that easily slides onto the stirrer stand. With a simple adjustment of the positioning collar, the stirrer, dispensing tube, and all attached probes are able to be lowered into a sample beaker at the beginning of a titration and lifted out at the conclusion.

HI900320 stirrer stands are quick to install and easy to replace if necessary. On the HI902C, two stirrer stands can be installed. Two stirrer stands are useful to support linked titrations, in which two titrations run in sequence. Some applications may require two different samples to be used, while others may require a different titrant. The HI900320 stirrer stands add significant value to the already versatile HI902C titration system.

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Weight 0.75 kg



SKU HI900320
Name Stirrer Stand for HI902C Titrator – HI900320

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HI900320 includes stirrer stand, support bar, and positioning collar


Stirrer Stand for HI902C Titrator – HI900320