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Sodium ISE Storage Solution - HI4016-45

HI4016-45 is a 500 mL bottle of storage solution made specifically for Hanna’s sodium ion selective electrode (ISE).

Before using the FC300B sodium electrode for the first time, or if reactivating it after storage, the electrode should be conditioned, soaked in storage solution, and then tested. The sodium ISE can also remain in HI4016-45 storage solution for long and short term storage purposes.

  • Hydrating storage solution
  • Air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal 
  • Clearly marked bottle with lot number and expiration date 


The HI4016-45 solution is for storage of the FC300B sodium ion selective electrode (ISE). Measurement of sodium in solutions is determined by ion exchange between the selectively permeable glass membrane and the sample solution. The glass sensing membrane must remain hydrated in order to accurately determine sodium concentrations. This solution provides ideal conditions to rehydrate the membrane surface and prepare it for sodium measurements. The HI4016-45 is a 500 mL bottle of storage solution that ensures optimum measurement performance from the FC300B sodium ISE.

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SKU HI4016-45
Name Sodium ISE Storage Solution – HI4016-45
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Size 500 mL


Sodium ISE Storage Solution – HI4016-45