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iButton® Tags (5 pcs) - HI920005

HI920005 iButton® Tags are used with the Fast Tracker™ – Tag Identification System (T.I.S) featured on compatible portable meters. For advanced field applications, this unique system makes data collecting and management simpler than ever. Using the iButton® Tags with Fast Tracker™ allows users to record the time and location of a specific measurement or series of measurements.

Unique ID code

Stainless steel housing

Easy to install


Hanna is the first manufacturer of turbidity instruments that has decided to add the unique Tag Identification System (T.I.S.) to our portable turbidimeters and HI9829 Multiparameter Meter. The system is designed for scientific and industrial applications, or to prove during safety audits and inspections that samples have been taken on pre-established locations.

The system is as easy to install as to operate; simply fix the HI920005 iButton® tags near sampling sites that need to be checked often. The tag contains a computer chip embedded in a durable stainless steel housing, designed to withstand harsh indoor and outdoor environments. The number of tags that can be installed is practically unlimited since each tag has a unique 12 digit alphanumeric identification code. Immediately after tag installation, users can associate the tag identification number with measurement data. Use the portable turbidimeter or HI9829 to take measurements and log the test result by pressing the log-on-demand key. Then, the instrument will ask for the tag identification. Simply touching the iButton® with the matching connector on the meter identifies and authenticates logging by storing the iButton® serial number, time, and date stamp.

The power of the T.I.S. feature resides in the PC application. Logged data can be downloaded to a PC with our HI92000 Windows® compatible application software for further data management. Collected data can be sorted or filtered using different criteria such as a specific sampling location, parameter, date and time intervals, or fixed value range. The data can be plotted in a graph, exported to other common applications, or printed for reporting purposes. It is also possible to add new tags later on, thus increasing an already existing database. Each time the PC software recognizes a newly added tag, it will ask for a description of the new sampling location.

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SKU HI920005
Name iButton® Tags (5 pcs) – HI920005
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iButton® Tags (5 pcs) – HI920005