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HI510 Universal Controller Panel Mounting Kit

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HI510-01 is the panel mounted hardware kit made for the HI510 universal controller and transmitter.

  • Complete hardware mounting kit
  • Rubber gasket to provide a waterproof seal with the enclosure


Panel mounted process meters can be mounted in custom panels that are built by System Integrators and Engineers. The HI510-01 is a complete kit to mount the ½ DIN HI510 Universal Controller (not included) into a panel. All wiring connections are made inside the panel to the meter. The HI510 controller has a hinged front door for the wiring connections and termination is made with extractable terminal blocks.

The HI510-01 includes screws and brackets with a rubber gasket to ensure a watertight seal between the controller and panel face.

Bracket Attachment

  • Brackets are shown attached to the HI510 universal controller (sold separately).
  • Four screws with washers are used to attach the bracket to the meter.
  • Four screws are used to secure the meter in the opening for a ½ DIN controller.

Wall Attachment

  • Shown is the HI510 universal controller (sold separately) mounted in a panel.
  • A rubber gasket is used between the meter and panel to ensure a waterproof seal with the panel.

Additional information

Weight 0.68 kg


SKU HI510-01
Name HI510 Universal Controller Panel Mounting Kit

Ordering Info

HI510-01 panel mount hardware kit includes panel brackets (2), M4 x 45 Phillips head screw (4), plain washer for M6 screw (4), spring washer for M6 screw (4), and M6 x 12 mm screw (DIN7985) (4).


HI510 Universal Controller Panel Mounting Kit