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HI4013-51 Nitrate Module for Half-Cell ISE (1 pc.)

The HI4013-53 is a single replacement sensing module for the HI4013 nitrate half-cell ion selective electrode.

  • Nitrate-sensitive polymer
  • Durable PVC matrix
  • Easy to replace


The HI4013-51 nitrate module is for use with the HI4013 nitrate half-cell ion-selective electrode (ISE). The liquid membrane sensor contains an organic polymer within the inert PVC matrix that is responsible for the exchange of nitrate ions across the membrane. A charge imbalance develops between the sample and the internal cell in response to the nitrate ion activity. The potential change is proportional to the concentration of ions in solution.

The HI4013-51 nitrate half-cell module easily screws onto the HI4013 probe body, allowing for quick assemblage or replacement. Presoaking the nitrate sensor in a dilute standard without ionic strength adjuster (ISA) for at least one-half hour before calibration will help to optimize the sensor response. Refrigeration of the HI4013-53 nitrate module will help extend its life.

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SKU HI4013-51
Name HI4013-51 Nitrate Module for Half-Cell ISE (1 pc.)


HI4013-51 Nitrate Module for Half-Cell ISE (1 pc.)