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Halide Polishing Strips (24 pcs) - HI4000-70

The HI4000-70 is a pack of halide polishing strips for select Hanna ion selective electrodes.

  • 24 polishing strips
  • Micro abrasive
  • Optimizes sensor response


The HI4000-70 is a pack of 24 halide polishing strips. A scratched, pitted, or oxidized sensing surface can be restored with HI4000-70 polishing strip. The user simply needs a small portion of the micro abrasive strip to polish a solid state membrane. By wetting the frosted side with purified water, the polishing strip gently reconditions the sensing surface. A worn pellet surface can cause drift, decreased sensitivity at low concentration levels, or poor repeatability between measurements. Optimum ISE response can be restored by removing the damaged surface with the HI4000-70 polishing strips.

HI4000-70 is made for use on the following ion selective electrodes:

  • HI4002 / HI4102 Bromide ISE
  • HI4003 / HI4103 Cadmium ISE
  • HI4007 / HI4107 Chloride ISE
  • HI4008 / HI4108 Cupric ISE
  • HI4009 / HI4109 Cyanide ISE
  • HI4011 / HI4111 Iodide ISE
  • HI4012 / HI4112 Lead/Sulfate ISE
  • HI4015 / HI4115 Silver/Sulfide ISE

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg

Bromide, Cadmium, Chloride, Copper/Cupric, Cyanide, Iodide, Lead, Silver, Sulfate, Sulfide


SKU HI4000-70
Name Halide Polishing Strips (24 pcs) – HI4000-70

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includes 24 strips


Halide Polishing Strips (24 pcs) – HI4000-70