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Hanna Instruments® is a privately held group that designs, manufactures and distributes scientific products used in the analysis of a multitude of industries including Laboratory, Food & Beverage, Hydroponics, Aquaculture, and Wastewater.

Hanna’s philosophy is to provide people with an easy to use, common sense approach to their testing needs—at an affordable price.

About Hanna Instruments


The company started in Italy in 1978, and is now located in Woonsocket, RI, USA.

It all started in 1978 in Italy, where our founders, Oscar and Anna Nardo, set out to make science testing accessible to everyone! Fast forward to today, Hanna Instruments is now led by Martino Nardo and Pamela Nardo, son and daughter of our founders. We strive to create testing equipment that is easy-to-use, accurate, and readily available.

We value our customers and work with you every step of the way to ensure your testing success. This is our driving force, it’s who we are. 

Nusfalau Science Park, Nusfalau, Romania
Headquarters, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Dedication and innovation

Better testing starts with hanna

Today, Hanna manufactures over 3,500 products in production facilities located in the USA, Romania, Italy and Mauritius. We strive to understand our customer’s challenges when performing analytical tests so that we can develop practical solutions tailored to their needs.


A worldwide Leader, close to you

With 60 offices in 47 countries, Hanna strives to be a worldwide leader in service and selection. Offering research grade quality at competitive prices, every Hanna office strives to work with each customers to develop a solution tailored to their needs, on their budget. It is our policy to regularly participate in local trade shows and advertise our latest innovations in market specific magazines.

Hanna 360° value

When you buy a Hanna product, you’re not only buying the best value for your money, but you’re also receiving the benefit of Hanna’s unsurpassed customer service and post-sale technical support.

Local support

After you have made your investment, you should never feel uncertain about the support or technical service you will receive. Hanna develops relationships with its customers built on quality products with personal service and support.


Our products are designed and manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2008 standards. Every instrument undergoes stringent quality control tests at different stages of manufacturing including 100% quality control checks just prior to shipment.

24/7 access

Visit us on the web at https://hannataiwanwp.wpenginepowered.com/. There you can search for products, look up local office contacts, read the latest news from Hanna and download instruction manuals, MSDS and brochures.

Hanna Design and Manufacturing

In a short time, Hanna has reached its target to produce all of its instrumentation in-house. Since the introduction of its industrial science park located in Romania, the facility is equipped to support all phases of production such as product research and design, plastic injection molding, electronic assembly, glass blowing for electrodes, standards production and final assembly of product. Hanna oversees all aspects of its products from conception to the final quality check and packaging. Hanna is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Our Woonsocket and Smithfield, RI facilities house our primary research and development centers and assemble select products such as titrators, spectrophotometers, ion selective electrodes and autosamplers.

In-house production affords Hanna the freedom to efficiently bring new and innovative products to market while continuously improving the quality and features of
existing products.

Casing, injection, rubber molding

Hanna designs and manufactures all of our instrument casings, custom cases and inserts, solution and reagent bottles and rubberized shockproof boots.


Our electronics department
mounts and connects the
electronic components onto our custom circuit boards. The boards
are then tested and installed into
our instruments.

Glass blowing

Our glass blowing department combines artistry and science to create our electrodes. Glass is heated and shaped within strict tolerances by hand in both of our facilities in Nusfalau, Romania and Rhode Island, USA.

Electrode assembly

Our glass blowing, injection molding and electronics department work together to supply our electrode assembly department with the materials they need to build Hanna electrodes.

Labels and keypads

All of the masks, labels and pad printing for our instruments and solution bottles is designed, printed, and diecut in-house.


Our assembly department finalizes the production of the instrument by putting all the components together to form a working instrument. This includes LCD’s, probes, buttons.


Our solutions are formulated and mixed on premises and are prepared to precise formulas and standardized with a pH electrode and meter calibrated to NIST standards.


Powder and liquid reagents are carefully formulated and filled to ensure maximum precision.


Hanna produces the packaging for all product lines. The in-house control of all research, design and production steps provides continual quality control at all phases to assure the highest level of quality.

Manuals and literature

Our manuals and quick start guides are printed on our Heidelberg press as well as much of our leaflets, flyers, posters and catalogs.

Final Quality Check

After continuous validation and testing, Hanna products undergo a final quality check before they are packaged and released to consumers.

Hanna is Technology and Innovation

For over 40 years, Hanna has been a world leader in innovation of analytical instrumentation. Headed by our team at the home office in Woonsocket, Hanna’s research and development department constantly challenge themselves to invent new testing techniques and to advance existing technology. The minds at Hanna work to achieve the common goal of simplifying analytical testing through improving instrumentation, sensor development, reagents and chemicals.